“Is it safe for me to exercise?” almost every pregnant woman will ask you.

Most pregnant moms reduce their physical activity throughout their pregnancy mainly due to discomfort, yet in many cases, exercise is the answer to their pregnancy-related aches and pains.

Join Loon Eng, a mother and a Specialist Trainer with great set of skills and qualifications;
‘Prenatal and Postnatal Women Expert’ with Burrell Education

B) NASM Certified Personal Trainer
C) NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

She sets the framework for precisely programming exercises that are both safe and beneficial for pregnant moms.

You’ll learn the best exercises to do and how to:

• Alleviate the most prevalent prenatal exercise myths

• Exercises that are safe, science-based, contemporary, functional, and integrated.

• Targeted strategies to significantly decrease body ache.

Bed rest is no longer required for all pregnant women; instead, you’ll discover specialised stabilising and pelvic floor exercises that contribute to considerable benefits in overall outcomes, such as decreased rates of gestational diabetes, preterm birth, and caesarean delivery, to mention a few.

This class is jam-packed with evidence-based prenatal exercise suggestions that you can use immediately in your practise.

Prenatal Fitness Class
by Eng

Monday: 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Bring your own yoga mat, sweat towel and drinking water

Personal/Private Training is also available. Kindly contact Kylie (+60165015212) to make arrangements.


Are you struggling to regain your strength and confidence after having a baby?

Our Postnatal Core Restore class is here to help! Here are some common struggles that postpartum mothers face:

  1. Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) 
  2. Pelvic floor dysfunction (including incontinence)
  3. Back pain
  4. Shoulder and neck pain from breastfeeding
  5. Difficulty regaining pre-pregnancy strength and fitness levels
  6. Feeling self-conscious about postpartum body changes
  7. Lack of time and energy to exercise 
  8. Unsure of what exercises are safe and effective for postpartum recovery

Our Postnatal Core Restore class is designed to help postpartum mothers restore their bodies and regain their strength. Our program is based on ACOG guidelines and Burrell Education and is suitable for mothers of all levels, regardless of what stage of the postpartum journey they are in.

In this program, you will:

• Reconnect with your core and help repair and tone your postpartum belly.
• Tighten, close, and repair the Diastasis Recti gap. 
• Improve your posture and learn to stand up the right way.
• Learn how to engage your abdominal muscles properly to aid in the healing process.
• Strengthen and maintain a supple pelvic floor.
• Relieve shoulder and neck pain caused by breastfeeding.
• Prevent incontinence during exercise and movement.
• Improve your overall wellbeing as a new mother.

Join our Postnatal Core Restore class today to restore your body and regain your strength after childbirth.

Let us help you become a stronger, healthier and happier mama!

Postnatal Fitness Class
by Eng

Contact Eng (+60182881111) to make arrangements

*Personal/Private Training is also available for both prenatal and postnatal program*

Frequently Asked Questions

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Couples’ Prenatal Exercise Workshop

Details of the Workshop

Venue: Kylie Dance & Yoga Studio, 10 Boulevard, Petaling Jaya

Fees: RM400 per couple

Feel free to get in touch with us to arrange the ideal date and time for your session.

Couples’ Prenatal Exercise Workshops are intended to provide you with the greatest and safest workout possible while pregnant. The workshops also provide great opportunities for you to mingle with other pregnant ladies and share your experiences.

Learning outcome from this workshop includes: 

  • Understanding the anatomical changes in a mother’s body during pregnancy.

  • Safe prenatal exercise plan based on ACOG guidelines that includes:
    ◦ Learning Pregnancy Dynamic Mobilisations for flexibility and strength during pregnancy taking into consideration the unique needs and considerations of pregnant women.
    ◦ Learning Exercise program for motherhood movement which focuses on exercises that are beneficial during pregnancy and postpartum, taking into consideration the changes in the body during and after pregnancy.
    ◦ Practicing Kegel Pelvic Floor or Integrated Core Training exercises which are important for maintaining pelvic health and core stability during pregnancy and postpartum.
    ◦ Learning post-release strategies for common pregnancy-related symptoms such as back pain, knee pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome, through various techniques and exercises.

  • Understanding labor stages and body changes.

  • Understanding the role of a birth companion during pregnancy and labor.

  • Learning special calm breathing methods for labor and birthing.

Prior to the workshop, all enrolled pregnant women are required to answer a pregnancy exercise pre-activity screen questionnaire so that we can gain a better knowledge of your current state.