Hi Achievers,


First of all, thank you very much for submitting your videos. I am very impressed and excited to share my feedforward with each and everyone of you!


The Full Video Compilation will premiere on my YouTube channel tomorrow (17/7/2021) [Saturday] at 6.30pm. The review and discussion will happen via Zoom at 5.30pm.


The review session will follow a ‘Walk-In’ concept. You may join in as an audience throughout the whole session to watch and feedforward. Otherwise, you may come in at the time scheduled below:

  1. Pangyi (5.30pm)
  2. Felishia (5.40pm)
  3. Ms Ong (5.50pm)
  4. Ummul (6.00pm)
  5. Eng (6.10pm)
  6. Jaz (6.20pm)
  7. Li Chen (6.30pm)
  8. Carren (6.40pm)
  9. Lee Jean (6.50pm)

This is Optional. If you could not make it or you would like to join in later or earlier, let me know!


Thank you! Lovely day ahead.


Warmest regards,