Ong Pangyi

Want to leave a note to you for 2020:

Thanks you laoshi! You know you earn lots of respect from me and you told me not to stop from dancing at few instances when I’m low. I feel grateful be part of kcd as a male dancer, learning dance techniques and flexibility from you. One thing I’m impressed is you are good at functional training too. So far you are the one closest to what I’m searching for: a teacher who can balance both strength, endurance and flexibility, which is the things that I’m looking for for so long as an instructor. You are dedicated, and always push us in a positive ways, make me feel that I’m not enough and have to work even harder to achieve all movements that seems impossible at the first place. I’m introvert and camera shy person. I am sensitive to people around me and most of the time able to feel the aura from surrounding. My first met with you feel you very much. I feel “safe” and comfortable overall, after a tiring day as your classes fuel me up and recharge myself. 

With your dedication, I will render my support and would like to go far together with you and Kcd. I know you have dream and I do hope we can work hard together as a team. My feedback to you is please take good rest (sometime I just wonder how long you look back our videos and give us feedback and edit the videos). I hope to do more floorwork with upgraded version (for example transition from shoulderstand /backbend and variations) next year. I want to strengthen my expression.

Please take good care laoshi! I knew what you mean in the fb on “Before You Go” post on the attachment deep inside. I feel the same actually. I do always pray for the best outcomes. 

Let’s creating more memories and cherish all good moments we have together. 

Thanks laoshi! ?