Suddenly, hope.

Theatre, DPAC | 7, 8 & 9 Jan 2022


7th January 2022 (Friday), 8pm
8th January 2022 (Saturday), 8pm
9th January 2022 (Sunday), 3pm

Performance Duration:

60 minutes (3 Groups; We are Group 2)

Ticket Price:

RM58.00 (Normal)

RM50.00 (Dcard) and (from Us)

Suddenly, hope.

Life is hectic as usual until one day the pandemic hits. And to realise that the only thing that is constant in life is change. Pandemic impacted every human in all walk of life, we live our days within four walls hopeful of the future. From big space to small space, everyone is forced to adapt. No clear directions, only hopes. We hold strongly to our passion and dedicate to self improvement and growth. Support, love, communication leads everyone thrive through hardship and rise to be an Achiever. As the day goes by, we believe that our story will inspire others and our hard work will bear its fruit on stage.

Kylie Lim

Eng, Li Chen, Pangyi, Kylie

Kylie Lim

Kylie Lim has been teaching dance since 2008 and in 2015, she mainly focus in teaching lyrical contemporary dance for the adult dancers. She loves teaching them as she is passionate to guide them to explore and unleash their potentials. Her message is ‘We Can Achieve Anything We Set Our Mind And Body To”.

Her mission is to create platform or opportunity for adult dancers to shine and unleash their potentials.

Her vision is to have a community of adult contemporary dancers pursuing and achieving their dreams.

Loon Eng’s passion for dance began with Kylie, where she trained in various styles of contemporary dance for the past two years, but not intensively due to her other responsibilities as a corporate working mother and a fitness enthusiast.

She is a NASM certified Personal Trainer, a NASM certified Nutrition Coach, and competed in Malaysia’s Olympic Vanguard Weightlifting competition. Nonetheless, She is looking forward to the exciting future and to more growth in the arts and life!

Li Chen

Li Chen always has the love for dance, but was not privileged to train at a younger age. As a working adult pursuing her career as an actuary, she started to invest in her personal interests. She tried other dance genres casually; came across contemporary dance in 2016 and immediately fell in love and find solace in it.

She does it casually until she met Kylie in 2019, who inspired her to train more seriously. Starting dance at an adult age, coordination and bodily condition may be a challenge, but it was not a reason to stop pursuing her love for dance.

Pangyi, a fitness enthusiast who strives between strength, endurance and flexibility. In pursuing his professional career life as an actuary, he crossed path with fitness industry as group fitness instructor, and sooner started his contemporary dance journey as adult dancer 2 years ago. 

Being a left-brainer at working life, he slowly uncover his emotions in dancing as he always want to achieve a balanced life. He loves yoga too, and constantly exploring the fusion of the art of dancing and yoga.