Hi Lee Jean, thanks again for reaching out to me about Personal Training. I am very sorry that I took awhile to get back to you. Here’s my proposal to you based on your goal which is to increase the range of movement in your hips (external rotation).

Since I have a studio now, let me know if you are interested to have the training virtually or physically, both training follows the same rate at RM100 for 45 minutes. 

I understand your struggles to open up your hips as it will really take a long time to progress. Initially, I thought it could be from your anatomy, however I observe good progress in your range as you take classes with me since last year. Therefore, we may try a more specific program to see if there is progress in the opening of your hips. Since it will take time to progress, I would suggest you to see me once a month for program and evaluation on your hips progress. And of course, if you decide to see me once a month, you will need to make time on your own to train by yourself following the program that I create for you. Or, if you prefer to have my accountability in your progress, then you could arrange to see me twice a month.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for your time, have a Marvellous day!

Best regards,
Kylie Lim