Hi Gladys, thanks again for contacting me. It’s really amazing that we reconnect again after so many years. Here’s my proposal to you based on your goal which is Fat Loss.

For your information, my new studio is not a gym so the program that we are looking at is all body weight training that focuses on the 7 basic movement patterns (Squat, Hinge, Rotation, Horizontal Push & Pull and Vertical Push & Pull). Since the goal is fat loss, we focus not only on physical training, I will also hold you accountable on your diet and also other factors that may contribute to your fat loss journey. In our program, for the first few sessions, we will revisit the basics and also re-evaluate your fitness status. And, as we train we will re-evaluate our programs and make changes as we progress.

I will list down the training fee below, this month we still have the offer of RM100 for 45 minutes and we will start from there. I personally suggest to go with the monthly subscription, first to experience and second to explore if you are comfortable with the studio and training methods. If you find that the training is not suitable for you, I may recommend a different trainer to help you achieve your fat loss goal.

A) Monthly Subscription
RM600 (Minimum 6 sessions per month, preferably twice a week), additional session is RM100/session
Expired in 30 days (Renew the next month)
If you continue to renew, the rate will be the same.
*I will hold you accountable to achieve your goal during our subscription

B) Walk-In
RM100/45minutes (Only for March 2022), April onwards RM120/45minutes.
Training preferably twice a week to see progress/results
*Walk-in for physical training and consultation. Need to be more independent to make time to train on your own to see results

We may discuss again if you have a different proposal. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for your time, have a Marvellous day!

Best regards,
Kylie Lim