Kylie Lim

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He began practicing yoga in 2005 under the guidance of Anna Choi. After experiencing the life changing benefits of yoga, he started to look for a deeper understanding of this ancient practice. This has led him to explore the various styles of yoga in workshops and classes conducted by both local and international teachers like J.H. Foo, Belinda Wong, Dr. Jacqueline Koay, Manoj Kaimal, Erica Mather, Amy Ippoliti, Leslie Kaminoff, Michel Bresnard, Bridget Woods-Kramer and Cat Alip-Douglas to name a few.

This continuing search for a deeper understanding has also led him to pursue certification courses with a Yoga Alliance registered school. Today, Yeung is an E-RYT & YACEP registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance USA.

His gentle demeanor is reflected in a class that is both welcoming to the first- time student of yoga and also sufficiently challenging for a seasoned practitioner. He places much attention on the needs of each student while keeping an inclusive environment for all. Yeung believes that the greatest reward from teaching yoga comes from the sharing and mutual growth for both students and teacher.  

Loon Eng Bsc (Hons) NASM-CPT is a prenatal and postnatal fitness trainer that employs a whole-person strategy to assist her clients in removing the stress associated with exercise and diet. After experiencing diastasis recti herself, she developed a love for empowering others via education focusing on core and pelvic floor health.

She has had two amazing, drug-free, peaceful, and calming hospital Hyonobirths by utilising the relaxation breathing and imagery skills she learned at a hypnobirthing programme.

She is a corporate working mother with an impressive skill set and credentials:

A) ‘Prenatal and Postnatal Women Expert’ with Burrell Education

B) National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer

C) Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Nutrition Coach

She also finished the Yoga Alliance-approved prenatal yoga teacher training certification.

She specialises in prenatal and postnatal posture assessment and correction exercises, functional core and pelvic floor strengthening training, group fitness instruction, and client training through her personal training practise.

With her keen interest in Anatomy and Physiology, Loon Eng gained a deeper grasp of the movement and physical performance of the musculoskeletal system and its joints. She actively participates in several sports, including weightlifting, contemporary dance, and yoga.

Rachael Anne

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. Her hobby; Ice Skating has brought her to pick up dancing at the age of 15 as a complement to improve her skating skills.

From there, she fell in love with dancing and wanted to pursue her passion further. After completing SPM, she enrolled in a Diploma in Dance program at ASWARA (The National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage). Here she learned the countries many dances such as traditional Malay, Chinese, Indian (Bharatanatyam) and East Malaysian dance. Alongside the traditional dances she was taught Ballet and Contemporary dance as part of the course.

After completing her Diploma in Dance, she started working with Special Children and completed her Advance Diploma in Special Education from CAE Malaysia. During her five years of experience working with special children she has seen the effect of dance and its many benefits on special children.

She believes DANCE is for EVERYONE.


A fitness enthusiast.

He works to strive a balance between flexibility, strength and endurance. He is into high intensity exercises and a yoga lover.

He is a STRONG Nation instructor, a SYNC member since 2017 (ID 1562201). He is licensed to teach STRONG Nation, formerly known as Strong by Zumba, a high intensity tempo training program focuses on body weight exercises and plyometric training moves synced to the music that had been specifically designed to match every single move.

He conducted classes at commercial gyms, fitness centers, studio, corporate classes, corporate events in Klang valley.

In 2023, he is a certified as CIRCL Mobility Instructor.