Since 2016, a community known as KCD Family is formed to celebrate our passion, friendship and consistency in contemporary dance. Over the years of training with Kylie, we have experienced different styles and choreography in contemporary dance. We also had opportunities to perform and compete (MCCDC 2022, AFC 2022, AODC 2022, Short + Sweet Malaysia 2022 (Dance) & Dance In Diversity 2022) and in January 2022, we had a production named ‘Suddenly, hope’ was staged for 3 days in Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC), Petaling Jaya. Taking classes with Kylie emphasises on a simple rule which is to ‘Listen To Your Body’. Always follow at your own pace and believe that;

“We Can Achieve Anything We Set Our Mind And Body To”

‘Experience’ is important, never say no before you try, take the first class and see where you head to. You may set goals to achieve your dreams with the supportive community or just take as a leisure class to move, sweat and express yourself. Contemporary dance also helps to build up your dance foundation, endurance, strength and flexibility. 

Personal/Group Private Training

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Comfortable clothing with socks/foot thongs/barefoot

Techniques & Drills Class

Multi-level, Suitable for Beginners

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Comfortable clothing with socks/foot thongs/barefoot

Open Class

Wednesday 8.00pm to 9.30pm (90 mins)

With prior experience

Comfortable clothing with socks/foot thongs/barefoot


Thursday 5.30pm to 6.20pm (50 mins)

For absolute beginners

Comfortable clothing with socks/foot thongs/barefoot

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