Community Contemporary Dance Class in Petaling Jaya

For Absolute Beginners (Age 35 & Above)

Have you ever wanted to dance contemporary dance?

Have you dreamed of becoming a Dancer or a Mover?

If your answer is YES, this class is specially for you! 

In 2016, a dance community known as KCD Family has formed to celebrate passion, friendship and consistency in contemporary dance. Members of the KCD Family have no to little background in dancing yet over the years of training with Kylie, they have experienced different styles and choreography in contemporary dance.

In 2022, our community has expanded and currently we are known as the KDYS Family.

With everyone’s great determination and dedication, we had the opportunities to perform (Suddenly, hope.) and compete (MCCDC 2022, AODC 2022, Short + Sweet Malaysia 2022 (Dance) & Dance In Diversity 2022). Never in our wildest dream, we thought we could be on stage as dancer and competitor. Here we strongly believe that

“We Can Achieve Anything We Set Our Mind And Body To”

Taking classes with Kylie emphasises on a simple rule which is to ‘Listen To Your Body’.

“Choose options that work best for you” , “Always follow at your own pace”, “Ask questions” and these are quotes you will hear consistently in her class. Our community is so closed bonded that we truly and sincerely support each other, so you will not be alone. We encourage you to pursue your dreams, the first step is always the hardest, let us do the hard thing together. Let us be in your journey.

In this community class, both Kylie and Ms Ong will be sharing and teaching you dance techniques and movements to kick start your contemporary dance journey.

About Ms Ong
Ms Ong; Finalist in Short + Sweet (Dance) Competition Malaysia 2022 & Gold Medalist in Malaysia Challenge Cup Dance Competition 2022

Ms Ong, one of our pioneers, was only exposed to contemporary dance in her mid 40s with no background in dancing; she did not like to exercise and obese with knees problems (having difficulties to walk up and down the stairs).

“Frankly, I “hated” dancing because of my strict and serious character, it is difficult to move and get the body to dance.  But after learning for a while, I noticed that contemporary dance is something you can move and express with whatever movements and techniques you like.” said Ms Ong. She also added that there is totally no restriction to what you need to do to express yourself.

With Kylie’s passionate teaching method, you will be surprised and amazed with yourself to be able to do techniques which you never thought you will be able to do.

“Especially at my age now which is almost 50 years old, I always think that I am old and clumsy and not flexible.” shared Ms Ong.

“Look at me today. After a few years of learning, I’m able to explore all kinds of floor work techniques with my developed strength. For example; back shoulder roll, dolphin roll, shoulder cartwheel, forward roll, side shoulder stand, fish-flop and many many more.”

My progress in dance journey may be slower compared to other youngsters who are fitter and stronger, I don’t really care as I am only competing against myself. I see myself improving day by day with consistent practice and a “Never Give Up” mindset. With my small little achievement in dance, it boosts my confidence in my daily life too. This confidence enables me to face my work and life challenges even more easily.

I believe that good things are meant to be shared. I would like to send a message out there to those who do not believe in themselves to pursue their dreams. I am indeed a true life example; it is truly never too late or too old to start learning something new. If you like dancing and never had the chance to do so, please come and join our community class to kick start your dance journey with me.

Community Contemporary Dance Class Information

28th September 2023 (Thursday)

Time: 8pm to 9pm (Time may change due to Public Holiday)

Venue: Kylie Dance & Yoga Studio, 10 Boulevard, Petaling Jaya

Class Fee: RM30/person per class
(Class will commence with minimum 4 students)

Wear comfortable clothes, socks, drinking water and sweat towel

Bring knee pads/support (Optional)

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